This morning I was listening to an interview about how to grow your business. But I got confused when the interviewee started talking about how hard life was…and having to pay for their own college etc.


Normally I would tune out instantly but this time I just couldn’t turn away. And predictably as they kept talking it kept getting worse! Next, because their niche is “male dominated”, they played the gender card. Then they went on to describe the misguided training they received to market to millionaires. Oh! The shame! Next they started into all of their credentials and accomplishments.

I could take it no more! Delete before I hurl!

It reminded me of watching thurdleshe blind auditions of The Voice! Ever notice that so many of the contestants highlight some tear-jerking hurdle they’ve had to overcome to be…on a game show? They may be trying to gain sympathy votes, but I just naturally tune out. Unless I’m watching a documentary, I really couldn’t care less.

It’s not that I’m insensitive to people’s pain! But putting a focus on life’s struggles, hoping to boost the credibility of achievement (for sympathy or a medal) is both arrogant and presumptive.

Whether intentional or not, it discredits the other people at the top of the same mountain — like those others were just dropped off by a helicopter never having to overcome life struggles to get there.

In reality those others may have had a much more difficult road! And to learn that later would be (or should be) quite embarrassing.

I’ve met several people who are truly heroically successful, and they are silent and quite humble about it. In fact, they’d be embarrassed if I told you their stories. I applaud their accomplishments.