This is a video of our day at the National Western Stock Show. We obviously started in the stockyards among the cattle and the trade show booths. Then we checked out the mutton busting. That is pretty hilarious!

We attended the evening horse jumping competition called the Gambler’s Choice. The point of the competition is to jump as many fences as possible. Each fence has a point value based on its difficulty. They can only jump one fence 2 times. They make their way for 60 seconds racking up as many points as possible. If they knock a rail off, there is no penalty, just no points for that fence.

When they are finished with their sixty seconds they can choose to “gamble” their score with the joker fence in the middle. If they choose to jump it and make it, 200 points are added to their score. But…if they knock a rail off, they lose 200 points. But, if they choose not to jump the joker they don’t gain or lose their points. So if you come in second place after your 60 seconds, it may be worth it to do the joker to push you into first place. Which is what happened in the video, so be sure to watch!